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Hello! As we all know if you're a content creator in this modern day it can be hard to gain views and traffic to your content as well as keeping up on the ever-changing trends of the digital universe. You could spend hours to days researching on what is currently trending today and what type of keywords and hashtags would bring traffic to your content, until today! If this is your problem, VideoDashboard is your solution

Basic information

  • Product name: VideoDashboard
  • Vendor: Paul Ponna
  • Launch date: 11th February 2020
  • Price: 67$ 
  • Official webstie: VideoDashboard Homepage

My VideoDashboard Review

VideoDashboard Review

Paul Greene

Owner of

So far my experience with VideoDashboard has been excellent, the application was worth the money I spent on it and has brought a lot of success to my Social Media outlets as promised. The features within the program such as the Trending Market Pulse Finder and the various other means of content creation automation has not only made getting my content out there a hundred times easier but has also made making the content itself easier and more affordable, knowing that my videos will be successful has made me more energetic and proud in my work and has also freed up time for me to work on revision and overall has released a massive burden from my shoulders! Thanks VideoDashboard!



Value for money

Ease of use



Overall score

30 days with the money back guarantee and no questions asked. You have NOTHING to loose! Try it now and catch the bonuses listed below!

What actually is VideoDashboard

VideoDashboard is a program which leverages all the social media platforms and combines them into one singular viewing plane for easy access on what is currently trending on social media. VideoDashboard effectively allows you to automate content creation, as it comes with features such as ready-made video templates based upon current trends in which you can customize so it is based around your own channel and community, it also has Traffic Automation which publishes your video to over eleven of the hottest social media platforms right now, including YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and so much more! It's most useful and sought-after feature, however, is it's "Trending Market Pulse Finder" which compiles literal millions of social media videos and posts in seconds which will then tell you what the hottest trends are right now in the social media space.

How does it work?

VideoDashboard works by using new unseen technologies to help leverage the trends on all social media platforms and bring them into one, simple to understand plane which will help new and upcoming content creators compete with the established players who have got whole SEO and Search Optimisation teams behind them. VideoDashboard is for sure an exciting new program which, combined with its low price for customers, will help boost those new content creators into the playing field and will give them the views and subscribers that they sought after and deserve.

VideoDashboard is expected to launch at 3PM EST on the 11th of February where the programme will become purchasable by everyone. Once again I urge you to check VideoDashboard out if your a new or growing content creator if you really want that boost that will propel you into fame without having to sacrifice thousands of dollars on advertising that will have terrible turn-outs.

Pros and Cons

  • New unseen technology
  • Automates Content Creation
  • Instantly posts your videos to all 11 of the hottest Social Media sites
  • Amazing premade video templates
  • Incredible keyword optimisation
  • Brings tons of organic traffic to content
  • Isn't launching for everyone until 11th February (though this is done to make sure VideoDashboard is polished and ready for release)


In conclusion, VideoDashboard is a real breakthrough in the space of Social Media, it will enable the newcomers to the game to be able to finally compete with the established players and ultimately can bring success to almost anyone. By telling you what the current trends are you can tailor your new videos towards them and it eliminates the process of brainstorming ideas that may not work. It also lets you automate your social media which is once again unseen unless you have a big team of people working for you. I highly recommend you all to check out VideoDashboard and to buy it as soon as it comes out in February, if you don't and you have seen this article then you are really missing out on something great and which will be the next revolution in terms of creating content for social media.

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VideoDashboard Review

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