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Internet marketers around the world are intrigued by this cloud-based eBook developer tool known as Sqribble. It enables them to create professional eBooks, thanks to the templates integrated into the software. Only with a few clicks, they can create a perfect eBook while saving a considerable amount of time and resources. Unlike other common eBook creator tools, Sqribble instantly caught my attention based on its amazing features that I have never found anywhere else. Some of the most amazing features I find on Sqribble.

  • Fifty eBook templates to choose. You don’t have to waste time starting designs from scratch since there are relevant templates for all niches.
  • Automated content addition. You can automatically add content from your computer, Sqribble library, or web pages, so you don’t have to write everything manually.
  • Easily customizable professionally designed e-Covers. A lot of eBook developer tools might save time, although they present terrible electronic covers for your final output.
  • The software is composed of a feature that instantly converts your eBook into an attention-grabbing animated flipbook. On driving traffic to a website, interactive eBooks are said to be better than flat eBooks.

What is Sqribble?

Sqribble is a cloud-based software tool. This software tool allows you to create reports, manuals, eBooks, guides, product information packages, white papers, and other types of documents in a short duration. Ideally, the software simplifies the process of content creation and design, therefore, enabling online marketers to lots of money and time. With an intuitive interface, the software has lots of templates. These templates enable you to easily use the software even if you don’t possess any knowledge of graphic design or content creation.

How does it work?

Once you open the software, dozens of templates for eBooks, 3D covers, and other varieties of documents are visible. Various niches can be employed in categorizing the templates. Select your preferred model and start working on it to your liking. You will then follow a series of steps aimed at setting up your eBook before editing. First, you are supposed to enter your project name. You will then have to specify the project type. At this point, you are supposed to determine the source of your content. You can either get content by copy-pasting manually, uploading a word file, URL, creating from scratch, or selecting ready made content from a collection of articles, and or other sources. It is possible to add as much content as you like in the form of graphics, photos, and text among others. After adding the relevant content as per your requirements, you can now edit and format your eBook in any design of choice. Titles and heading are in customizable text boxes. Therefore, you can alter anything including the size of text boxes, color, and fonts. After you are through with editing, you can now open the eBook on a new tab or download it as a pdf file or any other style of choice. Pros of using this cloud-based software tool

  • The tool has numerous beautiful templates.
  • The software has professionally organized page layouts.
  • The software has automated content generation which saves time.
  • Availability of a Flipbook creator which is available in 3D.
  • The software is easy to use.
  • The software is Glitch free.
  • The software offers unlimited use with a one-time payment.

Cons of using this cloud-based software tool

  • The 3D cover is behind up-sell versions, such as Fantasia 3D, Prime, and Professional.
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There are numerous eBook creator tools, but I have not come across any that makes the entire process as quick and smooth as Sqribble. Although most free or low-priced tools are so buggy, this tool comes with some cool features. Sqribble has very nice looking templates with professional layouts. The fact that you can automatically add content rather than spending time working over book designs, writing content, and formatting. The attached commercial license is the icing on the cake. Usually, vendors charge a fortune for this license, so it is an enormous value bonus. The software was developed by Adeel Chowdhry an iconic internet entrepreneur and a best seller. Adeel has over ten years of experience and has previously developed worldwide hits such as Pixel Studio FX, a top seller across the world. Adeel is known for producing high-quality professional solutions, and I expect no less from Sqribble.

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